Helicopter parenting and open days - facts and figures




Open days are one of the most important marketing channels available for universities. They present a unique opportunity for HEIs to present themselves in a way that is untrammelled and unedited by third parties.  Our new press release on the topic is a mine of useful information and builds on our recent conference presentation on the topic, entitled Ten Ways To Really Improve Your Open Days.

With the new fee arrangements kicking in soon, the stakes have never been higher for universities, and for students the investment case never more finely balanced.  Our press release shares some important insights, including:

    • Over half of all students don’t attend ANY open days before handing in their UCAS forms


    • Applicants who end up going to research intensive universities were MUCH more likely to attend more open days


    • Even though open days are VERY EFFECTIVE at stimulating interest, MANY universities CONSISTENTLY under-perform


    • Getting parents to turn up to open days (especially both parents) should be seen as a key objective by universities


  • Over the last four years there has been no growth in the numbers of parents accompanying their children on open days

For more information call Liam on 020 7374 0997, email Liam.Kirkwood@youthsight.com or read our press release.

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