Opinionpanel appointed to COI Research Framework




After a famously rigorous selection process, Opinionpanel has been invited to join the Central Office of Information (COI)'s Market Research Services Framework. Opinionpanel have been successful in the categories of online quantitative research and online omnibus research.

The COI commissions over 600 market research projects per year and in 2007/8 spent more than £22 million on market research.

Managing Director, Ben Marks commented, "Only about 40% of the agencies who applied to get on the Framework actually made it on so I'm delighted we've been selected by the COI. They are the UK's largest research buyer so being included in the Framework is commercially important as well as being quite prestigious. It's testament to our unique panel assets and, more importantly, the skills and experience of our researchers, that we've been successful."

The framework commences from the start of July, 2009.

Central Office of Information (COI) The Central Office of Information (COI) is the Government's centre of excellence for marketing and communications. COI works with government departments and the public sector to produce information campaigns on issues that affect the lives of every citizen - from health and education to benefits, rights and welfare.

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