OpinionPanel rebrands as YouthSight, while its youth panel is re-named The OpinionPanel Community





7th March 2012

Youth research specialist OpinionPanel is to rebrand as YouthSight in early March 2012.  The new name reflects the company’s growth beyond (but still including) access panel provision to encompass a wide range of research services covering youth and student markets.  OpinionPanel’s 115,000 strong access panel resource continues to carry the OpinionPanel brand, becoming known as The OpinionPanel Community, powering the YouthSight offering.

From its origins in the UK university student market, OpinionPanel has grown to include other key groups of young people: 16-18s in learning and training including sixth formers at school and college, as well as over 18,000 graduates and young professionals and 70,000 students in higher education. The OpinionPanel Community is now 115,000-strong, making it the largest specialist youth and student research panel in the UK.

To improve its client focus the company has also restructured around three specialist teams of researchers:

  • The Custom Research and Insight Team – led by Mia Lorenz
  • The Higher Education Research Team – led by Kyla Steenhart and
  • The Panel Services Team (largely helping the market research industry) led by Tatenda  Musesengwa

Founder and Managing Director Ben Marks commented, “the motivation for the rebrand stems from our desire to better-communicate the range of services offered by the company. We’ve become so much more than a pure play access panel - we now derive two thirds of our income from full service projects for clients frequently interested in broad youth markets.  But of course we still are, and will remain, experts in UK student markets and higher education too.”

YouthSight’s clients include government departments, banks, drinks companies, policy bodies, more than 80 UK universities and over 60 research agencies.


Ben Marks
Tel.: 020 7288 8789

Access a PDF of the press release by clicking here.

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