Out of reach! Just one in eight 16-to-24-year-olds are going...




The Daily Mail newspaper covers YouthSight's research on young people and the Olympics...

The Government promise to use the Olympics to inspire young people has come under attack after it emerged that just one in eight 16-to-24 year-olds have tickets for the Games.

Most people in that age group will not be attending any Olympic Games events, the research found.

Figures show stark regional differences in the uptake of tickets, with only 3 per cent of youngsters from the north-east of England going to events.

This compares with 21 per cent of young people from the London region, according to the study by specialist market research consultancy YouthSight.

YouthSight's managing director, Ben Marks, said: 'If the Olympic Games were intended to inspire young people, maybe there could have been a way to prioritise and perhaps discount their ticket applications.

'Ticket discounts only applied to those aged 16 and under.

See the entire Daily Mail article here

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