Unite Students' Major New Report On Student Resilience

Youth Research & Insight Team at YouthSight

Youth Research & Insight Team at YouthSight

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Unite Students is the UK’s leading operator of purpose built student accommodation, providing a home for over 46,000 students in 138 properties across 28 of the UK’s strongest university cities.

unite-students-logoYouthSight was delighted to be chosen to help Unite produce their recent report on “Student Resilience”.  The report focuses on social and emotional drivers of student success.  It was launched at the Portland Hall, Westminster University on Wednesday, 31 August 2016.

YouthSight’s Director of Youth Research, Josephine Hansom commented on the project,

“This was a fascinating project to work on and we were delighted to be able to help Unite Students understand and share the findings.”

Josephine co-led the project (along with Ian Neale of YouGov).  She presented key findings at the launch event along with Professor Sir Tim Wilson, Ian Neale and Nick Hillman (HEPI).

John Blanshard, Unite’s director of Student Experience wrote about the research for WonkHE, the sector’s leading blog,

“Reassuringly, we found that most students are happy: around three-quarters were satisfied or very satisfied with their lives. However, we were alerted both to the particular challenges for specific demographics: those from the D and E socioeconomic groups and particularly those with a mental health condition.”

Jenny Shaw, Unite Students’ head of higher education engagement and student services, pointed out “There is a lot of data in this report which shows more could be done” and asked if universities were making “sufficient reasonable adjustments” for students with mental health conditions.

Times Higher Education reported that, based on a sample of 6,504 undergraduates, it was found that one in eight undergraduates at UK universities believes they have a mental health condition.  Of the students who said they had a mental health condition, around four out of five reported that they had anxiety (82 per cent) or depression (79 per cent). Students who said that they had a mental health condition were significantly more likely to consider dropping out, with nearly two-thirds (62 per cent) of them having done so, compared with 35 per cent of undergraduates without such a condition.

The report includes the creation of a new Unite Student Experience Index (now at 66/100). It comprises accommodation, social life, money, wellbeing, employability

Question? Speak to our youth expert Josephine Hansom.

The Report



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Varsity - http://www.varsity.co.uk/news/10624

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