YS In The Press: YMCA Reports On Young People's Experiences Of Apprenticeships




As the biggest youth charity in the world, YMCA came to us to conduct research with past apprentices, to identify ways to increase the appeal of apprenticeships. After carrying out the necessary fieldwork, we are delighted to share their report and some of the main insights below.

The report shines a light on the fact that schools do very little to encourage students into the apprenticeship process, and beyond that, individuals who do actively choose an apprenticeship often find themselves overworked and underpaid by their employer.

Despite these shortcomings, the research identified a number of benefits to undertaking an apprenticeship. 4/5 of those who completed an apprentice would recommend it to others, and stronger still, over 90% believe their skills and knowledge have improved since starting an apprenticeship programme.

YMCA identified a number of recommendations within the report to increase the reputation and take-up of apprenticeships. If this advice is adhered to and the current problems addressed, then the economic possibilities at both an individual and national level are hugely compelling.

To understand exactly where the problems lie, and why these change are needed, we encourage you to download the full report. It is a brilliant view into a difficult to research area and includes insights that can be used effectively by employers and potential apprentices alike.

Download the report here - http://www.ymca.org.uk/research/work-in-progress

 Question? Speak to our youth expert Josephine Hansom.

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